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D G Bancroft-Gowin
Bill Baker View
Deb Clover
Dick Crepeau
Dick Darlington
John Dember View
John Henderson 1984 View
David Jones View
Dennis Kolva
Kathleen Knaus Now in Vienna, Austria
David Nutter
David Kauber
Ernie Blake
Ernie Blake
Glenda Blake   View Rose Mountain Morris
Holly A. Reese   View The Akita Page
Jacki Noel Treml   View Home Page
Janet Ievins
Jim Blake 1980 Diamonds in the Rough
Jeffrey Newell1980 View
Lois Chaplin
Timothy D. Hunt   View Mr. Cosmic!
Paul Ievins
Cheryl & George McKee
Marguerite FrongilloCornell Int'l Folk Dancers
Phil Shapiro View Bound for Glory
Cyrus Umrigar
Adrian Mariano View
Joni Seidenstein View Joni/Adrian's web site
Ken McKinney
Margaret Shepard 1975 View
Rob Sullivan View
Phil Syphrit View
Paul Viscuso View Web page
Beren Willwerth View The Great Beranzo
Ilian Willwerth View Magic Garden Puppets
Bob Wyttenbach Web page
David & Mary Martin Wilkes-Barre dances
Joe Clark View Rochester Country Dancers
Jacques Lewin
Doug Baldwin
Richard Sauvain Rochester English CD
Rich Dempsey DAWNY web site
Hilton Baxter Home Page and Binghamton dance
Mike & Barbara Gilman View Hudson Valley Dances
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